Helping people uncover financial and emotional freedom through online business.

My name is Sean Dollwet and I’m an online entrepreneur, multi-time Amazon bestselling author, coach, mentor, and semi-professional base jumper…

Ok, I’m kidding about that last one, it’s on my bucket list though.

Usually, these pages are boring so I thought I’d at least have some fun with it.

So I guess the first thing you should know is…

I’m not your typical online entrepreneur.

You’ll see what I mean once you read more of my stuff.

But you won’t find me posing next to a Ferrari…

You won’t find me live vlogging my latest income dashboard from my Lamborghini (I’d rather do it from my tiny house in Hawaii)

I won’t be posting daily memes telling you to MAN UP, BE A BOSS or CRUSH LIFE 24/7 (I hate that hypey stuff)

Nor will you find me talking about how I was dead broke and then I stumbled upon this one simple trick for making money online and *poof* now I’m a trillionaire (it was a gradual process rather than an overnight one)

The other thing is…I’m not in this for the money.

Bet you’ve heard that before right?

I can almost see your eyes rolling back.

Just bear with me for a second and see if this resonates with you.

I’m not going to go all hippie on you here and tell you money doesn’t matter… it does… but it’s not my primary motivation for doing all of this.

Really, material possessions are not my thing.

Freedom is.

Not just financial freedom, it goes beyond that.

I’m talking about freedom across all areas of life.

Physical, mental, time, emotional, even spiritual freedom.

To live and work anywhere on this planet.

To wake up excited about the day ahead.

To go through your day with a clear mind, free from stress and anxiety.

That last one might even be the most important.

Because I’ve struggled with both throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

If you can relate to that, then we’re probably on the same page.

I also won’t tell you to quit your job and go all in on online business, especially if you don’t have the financial means to do so.

I’d rather tell you to go all in with your mindset, than with your money.

Because the latter has cost me dearly in business…

I’ve had my fair share of expensive and humiliating failures in this crazy world of online business.

In fact, I’ve lost over 6 figures in a single year in a failed business venture.

But I learned from it.

And I got out on the other side.

But before we go onto that, let’s dial it back for a second.

How did I get here?

I grew up as the shy kid, who froze whenever the teacher called on me.

I was the one in school who no one recognized.

I was overly sensitive to criticism.

I was a passerby in life.

To be frank, I’m the last person you’d expect to be out here running a successful business and promoting online business as a way of life.

So what changed?

One day it hit me.

I realized if I didn’t keep trying, if I just gave up and let life come to me, then I was never going to be happy.

So I went all in.

Not financially, but with my mind.

I made a conscious choice to go for it, even during times when I felt like the world was against me.

Because even if I lost everything, I’d still have made the effort rather than spending time sitting on the sidelines of life, just watching it go by.

It was then my life changed forever.And by carrying this philosophy into my business, I’ve been able to achieve more success in 2 years, than most entrepreneurs have in 20.

I’ve built a 6 figure publishing business, all in my spare time.

And more importantly, I’ve helped others make quantum leaps in their own business.

Jay picture

Kecia Armstrong, USA

If you get the chance to work with him, I would highly recommend it.

I have known Sean as a business owner and entrepreneur for several years. His experience and dedication to success sets him apart. He has overcome many difficult obstacles and continues to excel. Sean is the perfect example of how to be a successful business owner. He serves as an inspiration to all of us as he continues to take massive action. If you get the chance to work with him, I would highly recommend it.

What can I do for you?

First, let me ask you this…

Are you looking for a quick fix for your business? Or the “easy way” to make money?

If so, you’re in the wrong place.

I can offer you my knowledge and expertise, and certainly save you a lot of time by preventing you from making mistakes.

But you will still have to do the work.

So if you’re against that, I really can’t help you.

Still here? Cool.

So what are your motivations?

If you’re looking for an extravagant, flashy lifestyle filled with Instagram models, $4,000 suits you never wear and alligator skin car – then this isn’t for you

But if you’re looking for freedom…

Freedom from the soul-crushing thoughts of “can I afford this” 15 times a day.

Freedom to order whatever you want at a restaurant… rather than having to choose the cheapest thing on the menu…

Freedom to treat your family to things they always wanted… but could never have.

Freedom to buy that thing you’ve wanted for months… but always found a way to talk yourself out of it.

And my goal is to help you achieve the freedom to live the life you want… not the life other people… whether that’s your family, friends, or all those people on social media… want you to live.

If you don’t know where to begin, I can work with you to help you discover the best way of getting there.

Both with your mind, and your business model.

Because even something as small as a part-time publishing business… which generates enough passive income to cover your rent every month… can do wonders for your peace of mind.

Here’s what you can do next.

First things first, let me prove myself to you.

And to prove myself to you, I’m going to give you something for free.

Click the link below and grab a copy (once again, it’s free) of my book Passive Income Secrets – if you like what’s inside, then you’ll probably like my other stuff too

Talk soon, and get reading


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