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Best Ghost Writing Companies When Outsourcing Content

If you’re trying to scale your self-publishing business, you either need to make more money from the books you already have (By increasing your ad spend), or you need to increase the numbers of books you have.

Both are recommended to scale, however, most successful self-publishers recommends to focus on increasing the number of books you have in your catalog. The main reason being to diversify and not rely on one book, and also as (in my opinion) it’s easier, as you figuring out ads can be time and money consuming in the beginning.

The best way to increase the number of books you have is to outsource the writing, as you can only write so much on your own at a time.

Here’s where ghostwriting companies come in. They write the content for you in exchange for a one time fee.

Here are my favorite ghostwriting companies that I frequently use.

#1 – Ewritersolutions – They are me and many other top self-publishers go-to ghostwriting company. Their quality used to be hit or miss, but after the major update on their website recently they have really ramped up their quality. They now have 2 tiers that you can order from, with a 3rd tier coming soon. If you’re looking for a good quality book, I recommend you to try out the 2nd tier.

You can get 10% off your first order with the coupon code “Sean10” and 5% off for all other orders with “Sean5”


#2 – the Urban Writers – I recommend you to use the Urban Writers after you discover a hot keyword that you know for sure that you can really make a ton of money in, because the price point for their service is higher than Ewritersolutions. They do have a tier that is cheaper than Ewritersolutions, specifically the “Rising Package”, however, I’ve tested this a few times and it wasn’t that good. I recommend using only their top tier packages as the quality for those are great. And use Ewritersolutions for keywords that you are “testing”.

Use “SEAND5” to get 5% off all orders from The Urban Writers.


#3 – The Writing Summit – Another great company for high-quality writing. I would use them just like the Urban Writers, where you order from them when you know you have a winning keyword and you want to make a high-quality book so that you can keep the book selling in that keyword for the long-term. The price point is the same as the Urban Writers, however their Spanish translation package is slightly cheaper. With the rise in publishing wide with IngramSpark and Draft2Digital, translating your books to other languages is a great way to boost your income as they sell well on these platforms. I highly recommend The Writing Summit for these reasons.

Use “Sean5” to get 5% off all orders including Spanish translations from The Writing Summit.



There are other ghostwriting companies out there with new ones being created every so often, however, the above 3 has been consistently one of the best go-to companies many self-publishers have used for years.

Check out the video I created breaking down the pros and cons of each of these companies, including a few that I didn’t mention here –